The company Software – Hardware – Technik is your partner in the field of industrial labels. With many years of experience on this subject we can always offer the best solution to our customer.

Complete Systems

With our complete system, we provide you with a plug-and-play solution, so you don’t have to be concerned about laser safety or the height adjustment between laser bank and label object.

Standard Systems

With our standard system we deliver a functional laser marking system that can be integrated into your system. The package includes the laser bench with deflector, the laser beam source and the operation and control software on a PC interface.

Machine Building

Our mechanical engineering offers you the option of an individual solution tailored to your production.

Special Solutions

With our special solutions we can help you with problems that exceed the standard applications.


To operate our labeling systems we offer our laser software BLS-WIN that is fitted to a diversity of platforms. In addition you get a custom-made user interface that is exactly customized for your individual needs.