Lasersoftware BLS-WIN

LASER-SOFTWARE BLS-WIN      Download PDF brochure here

Laser Program

  • direct call of the necessary software tools for producing pictures, defining parameters and order input.
  • automatic work off of defined order lists
  • management of laser parameters in arbitrary parameter groups
  • connection to external interfaces as RS232, Profibus-DP, TCP/IP
  • connection to stepping motor controls ( linear and round axles)
  • connection to label units
  • ouput of marking data to the laser control and scanning unit
  • signal management to external units ( PLS )
  • marking of moved parts (Marking On The Fly)
  • output of malfunction and operation messages of the system
  • included TCL/TK-Script, expanded for laser specific commands and functions
  • multiple languages
Laser Program


Picture Editor

  • direct import of CAD formats without conversion (p.e. DXF, PLT, IGS, LOG, EPS and EMF)
  • direct import of pixel formats (p.e. BMP, TIF, JPG, TIF and PCX)
  • chronological sequence-programming
  • direct value input for controlling linear and round axles at arbitrary positions
  • subdivision of the marking in picture segments by using linear or round axles
  • choice of TTF- or SingleLine-Fonts
  • marking of Barcodes and Data-Matrix-Codes
  • automatic cover marking by using a round axle
  • script processing at arbitrary positions (string manipulations, calculations a.s.o. )
  • ignorierung picture elements
  • different fill modes ( hatching, meander, contur, line width )
  • multiple hatchings
  • increments / decrements of variables (serial numbers)
  • sequential reading of text files
  • automatic time and date markings
  • fixed connections to defined parameter groups
  • export of picture data in EMF-files
Picture Editor

Parameter – Input

  • definition of arbitrary parameter groups with according material groups
  • input of laser parameters ( speed, frequency, laser power …)
  • input of settling and delay times
  • definition of offsets (zero point shift, amplifications … )
  • input of comments
Parameter - Input

Order Overview

  • input and mangement of order lists
  • generation of orders and management of variables
  • output of operation and malfunction messages
  • print preview of generated orders
  • export of order data in EMF-files
Order Overview


  • definition of standard folders
  • choice of the laser type
  • interface definitions of the laser system
  • objective definitons
  • enabling options
  • defining language

Monitor Program

  • graphical output of the monitored laser signals
  • output of operation and malfunction messages
  • status of the laser control
Monitor Program