Script Applications

Examples for customer specific script applications

Connection to database

  • controling the database access by keyboard, RS232, Profibus-DP, Profinet-IO or barcode-scanner
  • reading the database
  • transfer of the variables to the laser control
  • feedback to the used interface
  • free definable additional variables
  • take-over additional contents from defined interface
  • including and processing additional programmed scripts

  • according Setup-Program

Data download program

  • free definable data download
  • definable time intervals

SQL-Database / SAP-Connection

  • connection to SQL-database / SAP
  • adddional take-over of data out of a spreadsheet-program
  • management of order lists
  • feedback to the SQL-database or SAP

Machine Control with Camera Correction

  • connection to machine PLC
  • controlling stepping motor and camera
  • visualize machine status

Machine Control with DataMatrix Check

  • connection to machine PLC
  • controlling camera with DataMatrix check
  • controlling serial numbers by SQL-server

Scales generation

  • generation of picture and order based on values out of a spreadsheet-program

Process visualization

  • order control and visualization of a marking system for car-glasses
  • production data acquisition in a standard database
  • data take-over of a radio scanner

Laser control

  • system control of a compact laser system

Double order control

  • order control and data take-over of measurement systems on a doubled marking machine
  • automatic switch to the input side

Picture generation for cover marking

  • character and position definitions for a 360° cover marking